Types of Photography

When I first started doing photography, I was in High School and had loaned a manual 35mm. I took it everywhere with me. This was still in the days of the dark room so I spent a LOT of money on supplies.

Fast forward almost 15 years later and now its all about digital and Lightroom (funny how time flies when you're having fun).

According to Kathleen Palmer of Southern New Hampshire, some of the most common types of photography jobs include:

Selling something:

  • Commercial and Advertising

  • Editorial

  • Fashion

  • Product

  • Food

Presenting literal observation:

  • Photojournalism (war, news, etc.)

  • Fine art

  • Still life

  • Timelapse

Capturing moments:

  • Family portraiture

  • Headshots

  • Wedding

  • Event

  • Newborn

  • Sports

Beauty and additional fine art applications:

  • Nature and wildlife

  • Underwater

  • Travel

  • Stock photography

Mechanical, informational, engineering:

  • Industrial

  • Architectural

  • Real estate

Science and medicine:

  • Forensic

  • Astrophotography

  • Scientific

We are a growing small business in the Triad area that offers many of the services listed above, give us a call or shoot us a message to see how we can help you present your best light, or capture some of your most important memories.

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