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Frequently Asked Questions for Senior Sessions:

What happens if I get sick?

No worries. I've got your back! We can always reschedule your senior session if you’re feeling

under the weather. Please reference our section in our contract where we go over the proper

notifications for rescheduling a session due to illnesss.

How long does it take to get my photos back?

You'll have proofs within two weeks of your session. Once you place your order, you'll have

everything on your doorstep within a month!

What kinds of products do you offer?

I provide all sorts of products. Your parents are probably interested in the gift prints, albums

and gallery wraps. You may be more interested in graduation invites and wallet prints.

How many outfit changes and props can I have?

I place no restrictions on outfit changes or your number of props. Just keep in mind that the

time you spend changing or setting up is part of your 2-hour session.

Can I order extra wallets?

You can order as many wallets as your heart desires. They come in sets of 8 and start at $20 per


How far in advance should I book my session?

I’m normally booked out a month-two months in advance. This time period is subject to change

depending on the time of year. Fall and spring tend to be the busiest time for photographing


How long will my session last?

Your session time will be based upon the purchased package. I would suggest up to 2 hours or

more depending on if you would like more outfit changes or locations. The more outfit changes

and locations you have the more variety and looks you can have for your images.

What locations are used throughout the photo session?

Selecting locations is one of my favorite things to do for a photo session. A week prior to the

session I will have you text me samples of your outfits so we can provide the perfect location

match for your outfits!

Can other people be included in my photos?

Yes, you can definitely add in your BFF or your boyfriend. However, there’s an additional $50

add in fee for each additional person added in with your photographs.

What if the weather is bad on the date of my session?

If the session needs to be rescheduled due to inclement weather, we will try for the first

available session date. I will send you a notification within 12-24 hours of the session date if I

see a reason to reschedule. Please note I do automatically reschedule sessions if there is a more

than a 50% chance of rain.

Do you offer professional retouching?

I do offer professional retouching starting at 25/Hr.

What is a senior rep?

A senior rep is a senior who represents 43North77West. If you are a senior rep,

you will receive benefits and incentives for promoting our studio throughout your senior year.

For more information, contact us at

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