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My baby doesn't smile for anyone...

Your kiddos are your world and heaven knows that changes in the blink of an eye. Those

precious curls on April's head? They won't last forever. That adorable face that Marcus always

makes? He may move on to different expressions. Those tiny fingers? That sibling affection?

The chubby cherub cheeks and shy grin? If only you could freeze all those little quirks in time…

but wait! You can! With a children's portrait session, of course.

Children's photography sessions are always a good time. I love bringing out a child's personality

-- no matter how young he or shy might be.

Typically, one of a parent's biggest "fears" when it comes to a child session is a.) forcing their

child into something they don't want to do and b.) having a child not participate in the session

at all. Let me qualm your fears.

First, my sessions are fun and I've got a number of tricks up my sleeve that'll make sure your

kiddo wants to be there. Second, if your child, or children, are having a terrible, horrible, nogood,

very bad day (hey, it happens!) we'll just reschedule -- no cost to you -- and make it work

at a time that's convenient for both of us.

In other words: no matter what, we are going to work together to capture your kiddos on


All my children's sessions include unlimited outfit changes and all your kiddos.

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