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Why Book with 43North?

If I were a salesman, I'd have an entire pitch ready to throw your way complete with facts, data and impressive information to sway you in my direction. But I'm not Alexis the finesser; I'm Alexis the friendly photographer!

So here's what I'll tell you: photography is my thing. I've been doing it for years and not only am I good at it, I have a great time working with clients and delivering pictures on a daily basis. Right now, photography is my sole focus and, as a result, I have truly advanced in my craft after relocation to Greensboro, NC.

I thrive behind the camera. It's where I live and it's also what fuels my life. My sessions are always laid back, yet professional, and I'm ultra efficient when it comes to the business side of things, as well. I do everything in my power to get your pictures to you quickly and just the way you like them.