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A Letter to High-School Seniors



Alexis Armstrong, a former high schooler.

I know, I know. Pretty much everyone on the planet is a former high schooler, but I figured I'd just remind anyone reading this "about me" section that I, too, have walked those long, school halls.

While my days of passing periods are long over, I look back on my high school experience and remember all those aced papers and tests (OK, some I may have bombed…) and memorable times in after school ensembles and activities. High school can be hard, no doubt, but there are

lots of good memories to be had, as well.

Enough about my high school experience, though. Let's swivel and talk about what I do today. I'm still involved in the high school world, but in a different way: though photography.

Yep. I've been photographing high school students for their senior portraits for going on four

years, now. And you wanna know what? I absolutely love every second of it! I love the process

from start to finish. From meeting the students I photograph and learning about their passions

and interests -- and hearing about their future plans and aspirations -- to helping them plan

their outfits, props and backdrops for their senior portraits, I'm there every step of the way. I

like to consider myself somewhat of a mentor in that regard, but maybe that's me pushing it a

little bit. ;)

Speaking of styling, I love to take a super customized approach to all my senior portrait

photography. After all, this is about YOU. Every image will reflect your tastes, your interests and

your personality.

Whether you're still in the process of hunting for the perfect senior portrait photographer or

you're dead set on having me photograph you, I'd love to introduce myself and learn more

about you.

Let’s talk, k?


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