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80s Photo Walk - September 18, 2022

What in the Stranger Things did I get myself into?

DOPENESS is what. I am always surprised when I visit Winston-Salem . And inside this house is arcade machines!!! Not a few.... ROOMS OF THEM!!! Shout out to Ana Celeste of CelestStudios for this amazing opportunity to shoot with the following models!

This was my FIRST PhotoMeetUp as they are commonly called. This was a chance for photographers of all levels to network with models and create some cool content! I think I was so in awe I didn't get to take as many photos as I wanted. It was so much cool stuff to look at the distraction was too much!

The group of 9 models and photographers had a blast exploring the AirB&B turned into the biggest home arcade experience. It was like stepping into the 1980s, with all the classic arcade games and decor. The upstairs was decorated like a young teen's bedroom from the 1980s, complete with posters and knick-knacks. Downstairs were the arcades, where the group played games and took photos. Everyone had a great time and got some great shots.

A photo meet is an event where photographers can get together to socialize, learn from each other, and share their work. These events can be organized by companies, organizations, or even individuals. They typically involve some sort of presentation or workshop, followed by a time for networking and sharing.

I couldn't have imagined being appear of this experience but glad I got a taste of what working with other like-minded people.

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