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What Inspires Us?

I decided a long time ago, that I wasn't someone people would be able to slap a label on and call it a day. Some will use the word unique or original but once I heard th word multifaceted I was sold.

I love making memories! I love making art!

I'm inspired by some of the most simplest things. I remember burings a sheet of paper this one night. The flame went out pretty quick, but the paper still continued to burn for what seemed like a short about of time, but in slow mo. I sat barely breathing trying not to have the ashes fly away while this piece was burning. A thought jumped in my mind to go and get my camera that wasn't that far away but I knew if I moved I'd miss this.


ts was almost magical the way the fire burned the edges into ash.

As introverted as it seems this is more entertaining to me than any show that is streaming or live action and I live musicals and plays. I love capturing the moment a mother looks into her sons eyes and he smiles as he looks back her. I love the way babies and kids are so themselves *good or bad moods* included.

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